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Step I
Download TRON Smart Wallet

For Mobile or PC You can download Tronlink Wallet. After the installation load TRX to the wallet for the intial registration.

Step II
Join SmartChoice

Under your sponsor using this link:
Make sure you have the right ID when you register to avoid being left out of the team!

Step III
Join our Team Telegram Group

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Unlimited Income Potential

100% Decentralized Program

Direct Peer to Peer Payments

Scam Proof Hands Free Program

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Long term safe business, simple, understandable, effective and lucrative
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What is TRON?

TRON or TRX is Crypto currency that uses DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) instead of the traditional PoW (proof of work) or Mining.

Super Fast Transactions

TRON network has capability to process 2,000 Transactions/Sec as ETH can only make 20/Sec.

Cheap Transactions

Thanks to the DPoS mechanism the transactions fees are very low (around 0.01%)

Decentralized Funding

Most effective and fast funding model of marketing. Long term income with high conversions.

Small Starting Capital

You can get started with just 200 TRX which is ~$7.00, Depends on Tron value (always add 20 TRX to cover any transaction fees)

P2P Payments

100% of the funds are going to members, project creators don't touch or keep your crypto. Everyone can enter it's just 200 TRX.

No Admin Needed

Because it is running on a smart contract everything is decentralized and no admin needed to run the project.

Automatic Reinvestment

Unlimited automatic reinvestment system that allows you to earn more from the same partners you refer, and system of upgrades creates a huge turnover

Unlimited Income Potential

You can earn here $1,000, $10,000, $100,000 or more it is all up to you!

Instant Payouts

You get your payouts instantly and directly into your TRON wallet in Tronwallet or Tronlink

Complete Transparency

You can see the transactions and the income of everyone in the project transparently on the blockchain

Scam Proof

The smart contract is hard coded to the TRON blockchain and no one can manupilate or change it or even delete it!

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